Facing the Challenges Within Telecom

Network Outages

Telecom providers that experience frequent service disruptions are in danger of losing customers. Downtime can occur for various reasons, including equipment malfunctions, inclement weather, cyber attacks, and human error. Without efficient back up power equipment, outages can result in customers being unable to transmit data effectively, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

The highest quality networks should be using the highest quality products, including the best power backup solutions on the market.

CEA has proudly been supporting markets across the United States with top of the line equipment.

When your customers know they can trust and rely on you, your business gains that much more sustainability.  At CEA we know that firsthand. We want you to trust that you are getting the highest quality products so that you can keep customers happy when there are network outages.

Not only will the team at CEA support you with quality power back up but you will get the knowledge and guidance you need to feel secure in the decision making process.

Rapid Changes and Lead Times

With the fast-growing infrastructure of the Telecom industry getting the materials you need within the timeline you need it can be a huge challenge. 

Products that are essential for your infrastructure but hard to get within the time frame you need.

As a result of CEA’s collaboration with top-tier clients, we can provide you with the materials you require at highly competitive lead times. While certain materials are readily available, for others we can offer you an accurate estimate of lead time, which is typically much shorter than competitors.

Theft and Security

So, you have invested in quality power back up but facing the challenge of thefts stealing your investment to make a buck? Theft and security problems can be a hurdle when in certain areas.  We at CEA have seen it time and time again.

CEA’s teams of engineers and managers have seen many devices to solve this challenge that telecom providers face.  What we continuously found was that none of the devices stopped thefts it just made it harder to access the equipment. 

Because of CEA’s dedication to our customers and excellent engineering team we were able to come up with a theft deterrent solution rather than just making it a harder to access.

Our Theft Deterrent devices have been put to the test.  They are bold and robust making them not only a deterrent but a solution when thefts try to take your investment.  Simply put they are not able to.

When making an investment with anything it always comes with risks.  Going a step further with CEA’s Theft Deterrent devices eliminates any risk putting you at ease and keeping your network up and running.

At CEA we understand running a telecom network is no easy feat and we are here to tackle the challenges with you. Contact us today so that our sales team can connect, solve, and support you.

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