BAE Batteries

VLA, VRLA, and energy storage solutions

C&D Tel Long Duration Batteries

C&D Technology

Partnered Distributor of C&D Technology

Advantage Battery

Maintenance-free, Valve-regulated, Lead-Acid Battery

Lithium Battery

Rechargeable, Smart, Lithium-ion battery

fahrenheit battery

EastPenn & DEKA

High-Performance Batteries Designed Specifically For Use in Telecommunication

Enersys Batteries

Designed for Use in a Variety of Network Equipment


Designed to Provide Reliable, Long-Lasting Power to Telecom Systems

GS Portalac Battery

GS Portalac

Built for Critical Infrastructure

GS Yuasa Battery

Designed to Provide Reliable, Long-Lasting Power for Communication Networks

Haze Telecom Battery

Haze Batteries

Engineered to Provide Reliable and Consistent Power for Critical Communication Systems

Hoppecke Batteries

Known for Their High Energy Density, Reliability, and Long Lifespan

Leoch Batteries

Leoch Telecom Batteries are High-Quality Batteries Designed for Use in Telecommunications Applications

High Temperature NorthStar RED Batteries

NorthStar Batteries

CEA: Americas largest distributor of NorthStar Batteries

SAFT Batteries

Designed to Meet the Demands of Various Industrial Applications

SigmasTek Battery

SigmasTek Batteries

Leading Supplier of Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Batteries

Telecom Batteries Installed by Expert Technicians

Full Battery Warranties & Long Life Expectancy

CEA Power is the largest buyer of telecom batteries in the US. We pride ourselves on supplying batteries for all our Tier 1 customers, leveraging their combined large purchases to secure better buying power.

Telecommunications networks are the backbone of modern society, connecting people and businesses across the globe. Reliable batteries are essential to maintaining a steady power supply for these networks.

Why Choose CEA Power?

  • Fresh Inventory: Unlike other telecom parts, batteries can spoil. At CEA Power, we practice rigorous inventory management with a First In, First Out rotation. Our climate-controlled warehouses ensure batteries are fresh, maximizing their lifespan and maintaining full warranty coverage.
  • Nationwide & Canadian Installation: We install batteries nationwide and in Canada, guaranteeing proper installation that upholds the warranty.
  • Comprehensive Battery Options: We provide a wide range of batteries for Central Offices (CO), Head Ends, Huts, Cabinets, Remote sites, Solar applications, and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) systems.

Our Expertise:

  • Accelerated Life Testing: We perform accelerated life testing in our heat chamber to ensure reliability.
  • Field Failure Data Analysis: Since 1993, we have been databasing field failures to improve our service and product reliability.
  • Extensive Field Life Tracking: We track field life at over 6,000 DLC sites and more than 700 Central Offices.
  • Licensed Waste Management: We are an EPA licensed solid waste handler and have DOT hazmat licenses.
  • Emergency Services: We charge no extra fees for emergency installations.

Choose CEA Power for top-quality telecom batteries, trusted installation, and exceptional warranty protection.


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