Cabinet Retrofits

Telecommunications Cabinet Retrofits
Retrofitting & Solving Existing Site Problems

Turnkey Retrofits That Save Money

With experienced techs and on-staff CEA engineers, we can help you solve specific site problems with cabinets and recommend the best method to retrofit your existing power cabinet. We ensure that your DC power is engineered and installed correctly and that your heat exchangers are engineered and installed correctly.

All of our teams are directly trained by CEA – we don’t use subcontractors. Our clients can be sure they’re getting the best, most experienced service. 

Utility Cost Savings

  • 75% efficient vs. 96% for upgraded system 900+ Watts
  • $230+ annual utility cost savings per cabinet small system.
  • $700+ utility cost savings per site for 80 – 110 amp system.

Thermal savings over competitions retrofit kits due to industry best efficiency.

  • 270 watt reduction versus competition
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Telecommunications Cabinet Retrofits
Telecommunications Cabinet Retrofits

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