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CEA Power is a leading provider of telecom cabinet builds, offering a range of services that include cabinet selection and layout, thermodynamic engineering, and heat mitigation design. With expertise in designing and building cabinets of various sizes, CEA can provide solutions for everything from a 6RU rack to a walk-in hut.

  • Ensure that the right cabinet is chosen for the specific requirements of your project
  • Considering factors such as size, power, and cooling requirements, CEA can ensure that the cabinet provides optimal performance and efficiency

Thermodynamic engineering and heat mitigation design:

  • Maintain optimal temperatures and prevent overheating.
  • Important for telecom cabinets, as the electronic components inside generate significant amounts of heat
  • Designed to provide adequate airflow and heat dissipation

CEA offers:

  • Turnkey build-out services
  • Customer can ship their electronics to CEA and we will then build out the cabinet to your exact specifications
  • Save time and resources

Active Fiber Optic Cabinets




Upgraded Cabinet Installations

Upgraded Cabinet Installations
Upgraded Cabinet Installations
Upgraded Cabinet Installations

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